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Hard Rides

Human Gyroscope Ride
Super Fun Slide
  • Rising to a height of 32′, get in the sack and take the slide of your life!

Rock Climbing Wall
  • 24′ Rock climbing wall with 4 positions, get to the top first to ring the buzzer. Riders are then lowered to the ground with an automatic safety cable

Spinner Ride
  • Riders are able to control the spin of their ride vehicle using the turn table in the middle. As the ride begins to spin, the vehicles slowly move outward

Swinging Ship
  • Take to the high seas in this manually operated ride. It seats up to 24 children/18 adults per ride which allows for high volume

  • 6 player action game challenging your agility and reactions. Spinning boom arms try to knock you off your podium. Duck underneath or jump over it. Who will be the last one standing?

Whizzer Ride
  • 2 riders control the speed as they try to go as fast as they can.

Trackless Train
  • The classic Choo Choo Train. Rides on payement or grass and fits up to 16 Children at a time

Indoor Trackless Train
  • An electric motor allows the Trackless Train to be used indoors.

Group Trike
  • 7 People pedal together on the same tricycle while one person steers

Monkey Motion
  • Also known as the Euro Bungee, you get to go as high as 18′ in the air. Allows for 4 riders at a time

Spider Zone
  • Kids have a blast climbing UP through the Interwoven vinyl layers and then sliding down…
  • Services 100-150 Per Hour