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Your #1 Fun Source!

  • The Challenger that stays on the pedestal the longest wins
  • Space Requirements 22′ x 17′

Bungee Run
  • Race Side by Side while harnessed by a bungee cord and being yanked back when you pull it too far
  • Space Requirements 11′ x 35′

Bungee Basketball
  • Race Side by Side trying to dunk the basketball but do it before being yanked back and then try again
  • Space Requirements 11′ x 35′

Jacobs Ladder
  • This Fabulously Fun Challenge is great with or without a competitor, try to get up the ladder, it looks easy but watch out!
  • Space Requirements 24L x 16W x 10H

Zorbie Run
  • Get inside and start rolling down the track, but try to get there first!
  • Space Requirements 75L x 23W x 4H

Spider Zone
  • Kids have a blast climbing UP through the Interwoven vinyl layers and then sliding down…
  • Services 100-150 Per Hour

Monkey Motion
  • Also known as the Euro Bungee,you get to go as high as 18′ in the air. Allows for 4 riders at a time

Moon Shoes
  • Like mini trampolines they are kid powered anti-gravity device
  • Good for kids up to 150 pounds